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Rubidium foil , Cesium foil

Rubidium foil , Cesium foil
Product name:Rubidium foil , Cesium foil
 The alkali metals are a group in the periodic table consisting of the chemical elements lithium(Li),sodium(Na),potassium(K),rubidium(Rb),cesium(Cs),and francium(Fr), the first five elements exist in nature, francium is only available by nuclear reactions. Alkali metal element is typical of elemental metal, soft, with strong conductivity. Elemental alkali metal high reactivity in the natural state exists only in salt, potassium and sodium are the constant element of the ocean, which also has an important role in the organism, while the rest belong to light rare element taking up very scarce content in the crust.
All Alkali metals are silver metallic luster except for Cs which is slightly golden, they are soft, and chemically active metals, low density, melting and boiling points. Alkali metal react with water strongly resulting in alkaline hydroxides, and with the relative atomic mass increases, the stronger the reaction. In hydrogen, alkali metals can generate hydride of a white powder. Alkali metal can burn in chlorine. As the alkali metal is chemically very active, they are kept in special conditions free of air reactions.
Physical Properties
Elemental alkali metal is silver-white glossy(Cs not included), gloss decreases to be a gray color  when exposed to air due to oxidation of the oxygen to form an oxide film. Elemental alkali metal is a typical light metal with density less than 2g · cm ^ -3. Lithium, sodium, potassium can float in the water, the lithium even float in kerosene.
Chemical properties
Elemental alkali metal can be directly formed with a number of non-metallic elements for ionic compounds, reacts with water to generate hydrogen, to restore the number of salts (such as titanium tetrachloride) except for lithium, all elemental alkali metal can not be directly combined with nitrogen .
ZR INDUSTRIAL is able to provide an alkali metal foil of the first five elements of this group,including lithium(Li)foil,sodium(Na) foil,
potassium(K) foil,rubidium(Rb) foil,cesium(Cs) foil,and francium(Fr) foil.

Attn: Both of Sodium Foil and Potassium Foil were discontinued.

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